A look at the Jakarta Globe

By: Amber Ceja

As I prepare to gather and post news based out of Southeast Asia, I am taking a look at various news sources and media outlets. Some of the posts here on Human Rice will deal with news based out of Indonesia, therefore, this review focuses on an Indonesian news company. My aim is to find news sources that give a wide scope of information; more importantly, facts over opinions. Biases should be at a very minimum; better left out. I believe that opinion should be generated and not given through a news medium. Also, I am looking for sources, interviews and quotes by not only witnesses and locals, but also by government and state officials; experts in a given subject being covered by the news. Credible sources give weight and are more secure references. Readers want to know they are being given real and educated news.

I’ve taken a look at a few and chose this, the Jakarta Globe, as my subject of sharing. The Jakarta Globe is an online news company based in Jakarta, Indonesia- its capital and most populated city. The Jakarta Globe launched in November of 2008, with both print and online coverage. later, with the growing use of the web as a source of news, the company discontinued their printed news and went fully online at the end of 2015.  The site is published by PT Jakarta Globe Media, which looks to be independent of government ownership. The site showcases up-to-date, breaking news as well as features on Indonesia life, style and popular interest, and even covers news in the surrounding areas. There are tabs at the top of the screen: News, Business, International, Sports, Life & Style, Opinion…to name some. I quite like that international news is covered and that awareness is beyond the city and country, even. Basically, the range of news is broad, so readers are likely to search and easily find news  catering to their particular interests. For social media enthusiasts, the site also contains links to Jakarta Globe’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts; providing more ways to access the news comfortably and efficiently. Looking at those feeds, their following ranges about 2,500+(Instagram)-4,000+(Twitter) followers. Not too shabby- they are still quite new.

As I click through the site, news stories appear to be to-the-point, and provide various credible sources, quotes and statements, including those from state and government officials (i.e. police officers, professors…etc.). Headlines are easy to read, short and concise, and looking through a few stories on the Jakarta Globe’s site, there don’t appear to be any particular biases. In terms of depth, the articles aren’t over extensive- they don’t drag on so readers are less likely to get bored and more likely to click on more than one story. They are quite clear and cover key points of the reported news. Also, they look to be fact-based rather than opinion-based, which as I mentioned is favorable and more credible. There are also visuals upon visuals which can really help readers pick through the links to stories they might like to read. Visuals also give insight to the gravity of a given story and help readers get a life-like idea on what is being reported.

All in all, I find the site to be one of reference and encourage anyone to check it out!



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