Vietnam’s “Youth Newspaper” (Thanh Nien News)

By Jaimie Bui.

Human Rice focuses on a wide scope of news based mainly on humanity and society in Southeast Asia. Among a countless number of news and media outlets out in the world these days, finding news sources that are credible, objective, and timely, is very crucial. More importantly, the media sources have to know how to catch up with people’s interests by building some major elements of news such as proximity, prominence and conflicts.

As I collect information to write about Vietnam, I chose Thanh Nien News as one of the main foundations for my news sources. Among around twenty largest online and print newspapers throughout the country, Thanh Nien News, which means “Youth Newspaper”, is one of the most circulated and reliable sources of media in Vietnam. Let me give a small summary of couple components that this newspaper features. It is based in Ho Chi Minh City which is the largest commercial city in Vietnam. The newspaper covers variety of topics consist of politics, society, business, healthcare, education, sports, travels, and technology locally as well as globally. In spite of its well-known name that means “youth”, Thanh Nien newspaper reaches every generation of audiences with a wide range of news. It is released daily in Vietnamese and English. The quality that I like about Thanh Nien News is it showcases important issues which are currently salient in the country in different aspects such as healthcare, education, society, arts and culture on the front site. That is one of the most favorable essences to me, because most of the online news sites nowadays mostly concentrate on politics, business and crime on their front pages.

One of the other reasons that I chose Thanh Nien News as my main source to gather news in Vietnam and throughout Southeast Asia among various media outlets is because of its credibility and reliability. I believe it’s the most essential element of writing and reading news. Thus, being an official organ of the Vietnam United Youth League, Thanh Nien News provides credible and highly educated news and references. The stories are fact based providing trustworthy sources; however, they also include a smaller discussion section under each post for appropriate opinions and sharing.

In addition, I favored Thanh Nien News also because of its layout and how easy it is to access and navigate the website. Indeed, the layout is clean and simple with white and emerald green colors. This factor’s basically very important because it helps all ages easier get access and reach the recent news. The newspaper shows the latest news in the left column, and displays a few important home based articles in the middle with larger fonts and size. There are tabs at the top of the screen displaying every category that the newspaper covers throughout including politics, society, business, healthcare, education, sports, travels, and technology. There are also smaller sections below throughout the paper showing more specific articles according to each different department.

Some of the current headlines are “Three arrested for killing of 9 endangered primates in central Vietnam,” “Heineken buys a brewery from Carlsberg in Southeast Asia’s thirstiest beer market,” and “GIC said to pay less than $400 million for Vietcombank holding.” As I  noticed that today’s news focuses mostly on social affairs, politics, business and society in Vietnam, Asia, and throughout the world. Travel, arts and culture, or sports are not too remarkable today so they all displayed further to the bottom section of the page.


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