The Philippine Star


The Philippine Star, the most widely circulated newspaper in the country, reports on a wide array of topics. They cover global news and local news, reaching audiences from millennials to adults. They Include education, breaking news, opinion, business, sports, entertainment and lifestyle while updating their stories daily. Lately, the website heavily includes news on the government and the new presidency, but in a different attitude than what is reported by US media. It seems like the Philippine news is trying to protect the reputation of their country by leaving out extensive information of President Rodrigo Duterte’s actions to annihilate drug users and drug pushers. The US covers the major issues taking place in the Philippines, that is being caused by the president.

The online news handle is owned and published by Philstar Daily Inc. They are a print and digital newspaper in the Philippines that targets audiences from all over the world. Unlike their US counterparts, Philippine news media uses some primary sources but lack sources from copious points of view. They take sources from extensive research but do not quote enough relevant people to add more content in their stories. In an article about unemployment rising in youths, the reporter did not collect anecdotes from young people struggling with the issue, instead they received most of their information from the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Although their reporting could spend more time on multiple sources, their reporting is factual and relevant to local Filipinos and foreigners. Since they have multiple topics, their content contains both fact and opinion. Similar to many US handles, their news stories are fact based, containing trusted sources while they also incorporate opinion in their appropriate section – opinion.

Based on prevalent US news coverage on the Philippine drug problem, which new president Rodrigo Duterte is attempting to terminate, this is a significant topic the Philippine media neglect to cover in depth on in their articles. New president, Rodrigo Duterte, who was once a trusted president, has caused havoc to the quiet country. In his office, he hopes to wipe the Philippines of drug abuse and crime but with extreme measures.  I assume the Philippine media outlets do not want to highlight stories that could mutilate their reputation or even in fear of the threatening new president. Their recent headlining stories consist of unemployment rising in youth all over the world, weather, and the president’s crackdown on a terrorist attack on the Philippines – glorifying the president’s intentions, avoiding reports on the mass killings he enacted on all drug pushers and users, that killed nearly 2,000 people in just a few weeks. This was covered by many US news outlets (BBC, TIME, CNN, etc.). The Philippine news covers the public health issue on drugs in multiple articles, and protects the president’s word.

It is interesting to me that most of the media displayed on the Philippine Star news outlet makes the president’s violent mission seem less bad. The Philippine reporters support the president’s intentions to rid of drug use despite the actions taking place. Overall, this news handle is adept to providing reliable news to locals and foreigners, but may be a little too biased on the latest news covering the drug war.




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