By Agnes Escobar.

For most of us, social media is the place we go online to vent about our bad days or our happy moments. As well as to check in on what the latest fashion trend is or what celebrity couple is splitting up. (FYI It’s Bradgelina)

But it has grown and developed from being a place of entertainment to a place where human rights are fought for every day.  With so much in the world happening we are able to stay on top of the latest attacks or follow wars that are affecting people miles away.

Many people around the world use social media to reach out and show what is going on in their own countries and backyards. It’s a limitless source that helps us stay in touch with the world.

While searching for the latest news on Thailand, what better place than to look than on social media sites. In this case I looked into the fastest news site of all time, in my opinion, Twitter.

In my first search I found these three top news and hashtags, #thailand, #freeandyhall that related to the trending topics in Thailand.

The serious case of activist Andy Hall has been an ongoing report during the past few months. Andy Hall was arrested for defamation after reporting labor abuses in Thailand, and as we now know defamation is a punishable crime. In the past days we found out the court has charged him with criminal defamation, a two year suspended sentence and a 150,000 TBH Fine as stated by the Time.com. (add more)



The second news that came up was the tragic sinking of a boat in the Chao Phraya river in Thailand on sept 20. Since Tuesday the death toll has risen to 18 people, with some still missing,shown on Yahoo News.


The latest news circulating social media outlets is this vacation photo that caught two children robbing a tourist in broad daylight. The NYpost, explained how the couple had no idea what had happened to the missing watch, but after looking over their camera roll they solved the mystery. After the couple posted the image on Reddit  a line of people commented on the image stating they had an encounter or had heard stories of these adorable thieves.



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