U.S. Election Coverage in Thailands Media

By Agnes Escobar. Besides the tragic news of King Bhumibol Adulyadej death on October 13 2016. The second topic that got the biggest coverage in Thailand was the presidential elections going on in the U.S, and it’s results on November 8. Many media sites such as Channel News Asia, Thai Visa News, and Nation Multimedia stayed on top of the nerve wrecking elections this past November. I wanted to see how the news had covered this U.S. election, what the Thai people were being informed of and how did the Thai media portray it all.

U.S. elections have always been a world affair; in which everyone waits anxiously to see who the reprehensive of the free world will be. I took sometime to shift and read through a couple of Thai media outlets and picked a few that showed the multiple views in which the election was showcased by this country. In the first article I came across while researching was “Thailand watches with interest as US election looms” by Channel News Asia. They stated how many Thailand government officials have expressed that, “the way this election has been conducted raises questions about democracy in the US.” Another major aspect of this election that was covered by Nation Multimedia, is the voter turnout in Hispanic and Black communities. Even Asia can see the ties that this election has created among colored people in America.

Another point reported by this media outlet was the scandalous final round of the elections in which they stated that, “All this collective buffoonery means more entertainment than news.” Presenting the notion that this election is has been a questionable one. A report on the Nation showed the statements made by U.S. citizens based in Thailand and American Chamber of commerce volunteers all around Asia. With this in mind it’s no surprise that this event took over most of Thailand’s news.

Many of these articles had a common ground, in which I saw after analyzing them, none truly favored a candidate. While many media sources reported on how a Trump presidency would cause so much chaos, they did not specifically state they fully agreed with Hillary. All these media outlets did not fail to show the concern and angst this election has created in Asia. Even though in Thai Visa News we were informed of the response given by the Thai government stating that this election will not affect the U.S. government and Thai’s government ties.

Most of the reporting was done with a clear tone and no real sense of biasness. Both candidates were reported on equally in a way that showed their flaws and strengths.  What I evaluated from viewing the articles specified above and some not presented, is that much of Thailand’s media was being very critical of the past election, yet they do not stand alone. Many countries have shown the same discomfort for the 2016 election and have reported in a grim tone.  With the election over and having Trump win the presidency only time will tell how this will have an impact on Asia ,the world, and the citizens of the U.S.


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