Media coverage in the Philippines, following US election

By Eliza Cana. America’s most nail-biting election this year was reported in many media outlets, not only nationally but globally. Leading up to election day that was on November 8, some countries reported their fears, while others reported their excitement. According to the media coverage of this year’s election, it is clear that the choice of who became president of the United States created strong reactions from everyone around the world.

After Trump became president of the U.S., Philippine media reported and expressed their own thoughts. Media platforms in the Philippines like PhilStar and the Inquirer had many stories published after the end results of the election. In an article published in PhilStar titled “NEDA chief: Trump win may weaken Philippine BPOs” suggested that Hillary Clinton winning the presidency would be “better” for the Philippines as Donald Trump would damage Philippine economic relations. The articles in the Philippines following the election mainly show concern for their economic stability along with their “initial shock that America has chosen Donald Trump” according to an article in the Inquirer.

While analyzing articles in PhilStar and Inquirer, many Filipino journalists were not happy with the results and were shocked to see Trump’s victory. An article in the Inquirer, “What went wrong in this year’s presidential polls?” said many people believed Hillary Clinton was a shoo-in to win the Electoral College.

What is interesting about some articles in Philippines media, is their comparison of Trump to Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte. Before Trump’s victory, many media outlets in the Philippines said Trump’s mannerisms were similar to Duterte’s, who is described as extreme, arrogant, and demeaning to women. Journalists said Clinton would have been a good president for the Filipino people, while Trump is good for Duterte. An article in PhilStar, “Duterte: Trump wishes Philippines success in drug war” Trump talked to Duterte on the phone and told him that the Philippine’s anti-drug campaign — which killed over 2,000 people — was being done the right way.

Much of the Philippine’s coverage of Trump’s win contain shock and disappointment. Many articles suggested that Clinton would have helped the Philippines more than Trump would. Most articles, however were heavily reported on Trump, and not a lot on Clinton. Articles that did not express concern or shock toward the election, expressed their indifference towards both Clinton and Trump. There weren’t any articles that expressed joy over Trump’s victory. Some articles said that whether the new president were Clinton or trump, the Philippines would be able to “live with it.”


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