Media coverage in the Philippines, following US election

By Eliza Cana. America’s most nail-biting election this year was reported in many media outlets, not only nationally but globally. Leading up to election day that was on November 8, some countries reported their fears, while others reported their excitement. According to the media coverage of this year’s election, it is clear that the choice … More Media coverage in the Philippines, following US election

Mong Palatino

Mong Palatino, 36, is a Filipino activist, former legislator, blogger, and Global Voices editor for Southeast Asia and Oceania. He covers issues on censorship, free expression, human rights and more. His blog, Mong Palatino , is about the Philippine left and Southeast Asian politics. He lives in Manila, Philippines. His twitter is @mongster. Interview with Mong … More Mong Palatino

Mother Mushroom through American and Vietnamese Media Coverage

By Jaimie Bui. One of the trending issues in Vietnam recently is Mother Mushroom, a top blogger in Vietnam, was arrested by the authorities due to criticizing the government.  Before taking a closer look at the difference of media coverage between American and Vietnam’s press about this issue, let’s seriously take Vietnamese political background into … More Mother Mushroom through American and Vietnamese Media Coverage

Foreign vs. U.S. Media – Philippines

By: Eliza Cana The infamous Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte has created frequent media buzz and criticism in the last four months. His unconventional personality and behavior has made him a trending topic, not only in the Philippines but worldwide. In his presidency since June, he is best known for killing thousands of people in his … More Foreign vs. U.S. Media – Philippines


By Agnes Escobar. For most of us, social media is the place we go online to vent about our bad days or our happy moments. As well as to check in on what the latest fashion trend is or what celebrity couple is splitting up. (FYI It’s Bradgelina) But it has grown and developed from … More #ThailandNews